Beitou 北投文物館

Beitou 北投文物館

The Exhibitions

-Permanent Exhibit-

The Beauty of Heritage Restoration

In this permanent exhibition area, you can learn about the story of the Jiashan Inn and the painstaking efforts of the Beitou Museum to restore this heritage site over more than five years.

Beautiful architecture requires proper maintenance to stand the test of time. What principles should guide heritage restoration? Finding a balance between old and new materials, methods, and structures to ensure the building not only meets modern reuse needs but also preserves its historical significance is crucial in heritage restoration. Before planning restoration, the team involved must conduct comprehensive research on the museum's historical evolution, construction materials, and extent of damage, documenting and tagging each detail.

During the five-year closure for renovation, the restoration team discovered many unique construction techniques and historical relics from the Jiashan Inn era, such as account books, room numbers, electrical and water registration plates, and ridgepole tablets. These findings offer a glimpse into the building's historical context. For example, the account books displayed in the showcase were found as the lining paper inside cabinet doors, clearly listing the catering charges of that time.