Beitou 北投文物館

Beitou 北投文物館

About this museum

-Fu Lu Culture Foundation -

Fu Lu Culture Foundation

In 1995, the founder, Mr. Suming Chang, and his brother, Mr. Sheng-kai Chang, named the Foundation as "Fu Lu Culture and Education Foundation" after their father, Mr. Fu-lu Chang; it was later changed into "Fu Lu Culture Foundation" in 2007. According to the regulations of foundation rule, the Foundation takes the conservation of cultural heritage, the maintenance of historical buildings, promoting traditional art, preserving folk artifacts, rewarding and cultivating talented individuals and technological innovation as its objectives. Simultaneously, the Foundation is aimed for the collection, conservation, exhibition, education and promotion, research and publication of traditional folk artifacts and for the works and sponsorship of cultural & art activities for public welfare.

In addition to maintaining and managing "Beitou Museum" which was designated as municipal historical buildings by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government in 1998 including the 800-Ping (around 2640㎡) historical constructions and featuring Japanese-styled garden, the Foundation takes the operating aims of Beitou Museum based on the 6 main functions of museums: conservation and maintenance, research and interpretation, exhibition and planning, education and promotion, leisure and entertainment, economic and industry. Adopting culture & art as the core value and main theme, it is expected that both domestic and international guests can come to Beitou Museum due to diverse necessity. We hope that our guests can comprehend the beauty of historical architecture from this well-conserved Japanese wooden house and can notice the features of different themed exhibitions from diverse permanent and special exhibitions. Beitou Museum is usually utilized to hold different cultural experiences and activities; we offer our guests different profound impressions as experiencing the Japanese spaces, from which they are able to understand the implications and meanings of Formosan culture & art and living aesthetic.