Beitou 北投文物館

Beitou 北投文物館

Food and Cuisine

-The Customized Projects-

Delightful cuisine in a hundred-year historical house, welcome to visit and enjoy.

Preface: The impressive seasonal Kaisek

From the cherry blossom in spring to the Ginkgo in Autumn, the creative dishes of Yiran House are amended according to the seasons and therefore show various styles. From the land-waking January to the busy December, every seasonal cuisine is new mouthwatering expectation. “Eating with the seasons” is the lifelong insistence of chefs and is also the connotation of Kaiseki that we hope our guests to experience.

Meeting with the afternoon tea and tasting the delicacy of handmade snacks with drinks. It is satisfied to enjoy the sunset in the circumstances and viewing Guanyin mountain.

The presentation of dinner banquets is the enjoyment and experience of another level. The customized menu enables our guests to feel their importance to us. It would feel like shuttling into the ancient city in Kyoto from the front door to the banquet hall, immersing in the hundred-year historical house and taste the delicious cuisine. If you have customized needs, please call Beitou Museum via +886-2-2891-2318 ext. 111 10:00-18:00 from Tuesday to Sunday; there will be our staff serving you, thank you.