Beitou 北投文物館

Beitou 北投文物館

About this museum

-The founder’s statement-

The founder’s statement

In 1983, I occasionally noticed this elegant and placid two-storey Japanese architecture on Youya Road around the halfway up the mountain. There was an impulse and a moving feeling that made me want to protect and preserve it mainly in order to conserve precious cultural heritage for Taiwan. Also according to this, I keep driving the purpose of multicultural inheritance and education.

In 1995, I named after my father and established "Fu Lu Culture and Education Foundation'' and it was administered by the Ministry of Education. In 2007, the name of the Foundation was changed into "Fu Lu Culture Foundation'' and was changed to be governed by the Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government. Beitou Museum, established in 1984, is the subordinate agency of the Foundation which implements the practical and research development. We expect that with the support and promotion of the Foundation, it is able to revive and reuse the historical buildings; by adopting the strategy of compound operation, we move forwards to become the platform of the cultural creative industry.

25 years since the Foundation was established, we have experienced a few great changes, and we really appreciate the full assistance and support of many friends and specialists. In addition to the direction and assistance from the directors of the previous sessions of boards and the specialists in diverse fields, the endeavor and cultivation of the teams which have been led by previous curators (Mr. Mu-yang Chang, Ms. Pen-li Kao, Ms. Saalih Hsieh-Lee, Ms. Ling-Ling Wu) or CEOs (Ms. Cecile Wu, Mr. Shao-Ying Jiang, Ms. Chiung-wen Chang and Ms. Wen-jane Chang) of Beitou Museum can not particularly go unnoticed. What’s more, there is always the silent support and encouragement from my family.

In sum, with the devotion of many friends and partners, we enable this almost 100-year historical house to continue bringing its charm and vitality into full play, from which Beitou Museum is able to become a spotlight of Taiwanese cultural tourist development. We will keep the concepts of "good quality, excellent service, abundant innovation" and keep moving forwards, expecting to contribute our efforts and abilities to the conservation of Taiwanese cultural heritage. We will also do our best to develop social public welfare. Hope that you can continue cheering us on!