Beitou 北投文物館

Beitou 北投文物館

The Exhibitions


「Boundless Territory—Heritage and Innovation in the Art of Weaving」



Four themes are presented in this exhibition, including Form and Structure, Man and Nature, Body and Culture, and Blessings and Symbolism. A variety of representative formats will be showcased to present different socio-cultural contexts in Taiwan, such as the bamboo and rattan weaving, straw weaving, and Chinese knots, as well as small boxes, flower vases, and large-scale installation art. The exhibition will bring visitors in a traversal from traditional to contemporary as they learn about the art of weaving—the diverse shapes, appearances, and stories that appeared along with the changing times.

Similar to most traditional handicrafts, heritage of the exquisite art of weaving now faces the challenges of continuity. Fortunately, a group of craftsmen and community builder organizations have been persisting in the advocacy of weaving, working tirelessly to pass on the heritage while making innovative creations. Furthermore, numerous contemporary artists and designers have recognized the unique aesthetics and practical value of weaving, which they integrate into their craft. For this exhibition, we have selected and classified what we consider to be prime examples to illustrate the art of weaving in Taiwan. We look forward to showcasing the diverse methods of various artists and their rich artistic language, while promoting the vibrancy of the art as a “boundless territory” with infinite possibilities.