Beitou 北投文物館

Beitou 北投文物館

The Exhibitions

-Past Exhibits-


「Depicting an Innovative Era: Modern Taiwan in Splendid Paintings」

2020/08/15 ~ 2021/03/14


Artistic works are closely related to the social environment where they are created. Cultural, political and other backgrounds affect the styles and forms. Therefore, the artistic works can reflect social development and the changes of the times. 

Taiwanese artists in Japanese domination period had held the "Taiwan Art Exhibition" and cultivated Taiwan's first generation of Western art painters. The Eastern Gouache painting was also modernized at this time. The Japanese artists invited to Taiwan all hoped local painters to introduce southern customs and to develop "local color". Art can reflect the creator's emotions and present the social contexts. By exploring the paintings, let's recollect the stories of modern Taiwan.