Beitou 北投文物館

Beitou 北投文物館

The Exhibitions

-Past Exhibits-


「Formosan Folkways and Arts – Invaluable Collections of Beitou Museum」

2020/04/10 ~ 2020/06/28


Memories can last generations when we genuinely take interest in the things, events and people in our lives. This is the value of folk arts, an embodiment of ancestral wisdom and reflection of vernacular vitality.

Beitou Museum houses more than 5,000 pieces of collections, most of which are folk artefacts and artworks related to early Taiwanese inhabitants. Rooted in nature and arisen from daily necessity, folk crafts initially assumed simple forms but later integrated aesthetics into them. Craftsmen used their rich experiences and techniques to create works demonstrative of material and spiritual life. To unearth the memories, Beitou Museum presents this special exhibition that comprehensively introduces the Formosan cultural heritages.